Work with Roger

I help clients shape and shift their conscious awareness to create more Energy, Power, and Focus in their lives. My passion is helping others achieve big, game-changing goals that move inner and outer worlds towards a more sustainable future for all involved. Read more about this work in the posts below.

Game-Changing Goals

Who Said We’re Not Meant to Fly? Game-changing happens all of the time in life - it's just not always the case that we're aware of it going on, or even after the fact in some cases. We change games when the rules of the game are holding us back, when we're...

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Are We a Match?

If you agree with the statements below, we're off to a great start! Game-changing goals change your life or the life of others. Could be that you want to lose a lot of weight, become financially independent, realize a life long dream, or create...

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How to Find a Great Coach

This is perhaps unconventional wisdom for moving ahead in life – for when you feel stuck or like there’s a better life for you just over the horizon and you really want to do what you can to be sure you actually reach that destination.

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