Hi, I’m Roger. I’m a Solo Practitioner myself who just happens to also have extensive web development experience.

For a limited time, I’m taking on a few clients to help develop their web presence.

Read on to see if we’re a good fit, or click the button below to schedule a free 30 minute call.

Web Presence With Heart

The heart chakra appreciates beauty in all things, and a beautiful website is no exception! More than appearances, beauty shows up in functionality too.

Show Up Where It Matters Most

Running a business involves balancing time, energy, and focus! I’ll work to ensure we make the most of your budget, and get your site showing up where it matters most.

Ready to Take It To The Next Level?

With 18+ years of experience, and two sites of my own, I get it! I can help whether you’re just getting started, or already have a website and want to take it to the next level.

How It Works

Straight Up Hourly

To keep things simple, all work is billed at a low, blended hourly rate. Along the way, I’ll provide tips for saving time, and do my best to share rough estimates. The key is to have clear goals and focus on those goals first and foremost.

Weekly Iterations

Based on our collaboration, I’ll let you know at the start of the week what I plan on working on, along with rough time estimates. Invoices are sent at the end of the week so that you can be sure we’re working within your budget.

Go At Your Own Pace

Have everything ready to go? Great. Want to take things one step at a time? That works too. You can go – or stop – at any time. You can keep all work product completed at any juncture. Start again later, or I can help hand it off to another resource.

What I Do Best

I’m always happy to learn new things, but you save money when your needs align with my expertise!

WordPress with Divi

WordPress runs over 75 million websites. Divi bills itself as The Ultimate WordPress theme. I’ve been working with these for years. Nothing beats this combo in my book!

Plugins That Rock

Plugins are like “apps” that add functionality to WordPress. Some are great, some not. I have years of evaluating these, and can help you select the best for your site’s needs.

One to One

From start to finish, our work together is one to one. I tune into your goals, needs, and desired outcomes and do my best to help you achieve those – all on your budget.

Mobile Friendly

Maybe you have a website already but it doesn’t look so good on a smart phone? Let’s get that figured out so you don’t lose potential clients who are on the go.

Help with Graphics

I can help you find royalty free images, and then work with them to fit your site. Or maybe you have photos you’d like edited? I pay attention to every graphical element on a website to ensure the best look and performance.


Have an existing newsletter, payment system, appointment service, or something else? Are they all working *with* your website? This is where the real power of a business website comes into play.

Blog It Up

You can have a great website without a blog. But if you want to go that next level, let’s set it up to serve your business well. That means it’s beautiful, search engine optimized, and easy to manage.

Appointments & Events

In addition to blogging, another valuable feature of a Solo Practitioner’s website is the ability to book an appointment and see upcoming events. I can get both working for you.

Safe & Secure

Creating an awesome website is great, until one day it gets hacked or worse – malware gets spread to your clients. Have an easy to restore backup handy? I’ve made all these mistakes and more, why not profit from them?

Work With a Web Guy That Gets It

In addition to being an Intuitive Consultant myself, I am also trained in Reiki and other subtle energy work. If you’re a holistic or alternative health practitioner, you don’t have to spend precious time explaining to me what you do and who your target audience is.

I Get It.

I also get how precious your time is. And how important it is that your website communicate more than just the facts. Mood, vibration, values – all are important elements to help connect you with the right people at the right time.

Fun Facts

Years of Web Dev Experience

Coding Languages I Know

Years in Solo Healing Practice

One of My Favorite Numbers!

Latest Projects

The Center for the Exploration of Consciousness

  • Website for a Business Location
  • Contains Event Listings
  • Contact Forms
  • Newsletter Sign Up Forms

  • Solo Practice Website
  • Embedded appointments
  • Optimized for Mobile
For Earlier Work

Process & Workflow

Initial Meeting

We’ll probably start with an initial meeting to make sure we’re a good fit and on the same page. For example, we might chat about your goals, budget, and deadlines, along with our respective work styles.

Collaboration Begins

Once we’re ready to begin, we’ll  want to settle on the best collaboration tool(s). Our collaboration space can be a repository for Q&A, developing site content, and managing tasks as we go.


We don’t have to have all the answers and solutions up front! All work is done iteratively so that you have control over budget, and can see changes “live” at any time.  We’ll work the same way from start to finish!

Training & Maintenance

We’re not done until you’re comfortable managing things on your own, or have a resource ready to take things over. Either way, I’ll be there to ensure a smooth transition.

Picking Up What I’m Putting Down?

I’m taking on a limited number of clients at a time. Use the form provided to shoot me your project needs and check on availability.