The Gift of Unfixable Family ™ is a unique assessment tool designed and developed by Roger Oney to facilitate discovery of old disempowering stories and structures hidden in our un/subconscious worlds, along with a fun and creative way to bring balance and healing to those stories. This is an instrument that can yield surprising insights into the inner dynamics that effect current relationships and experiences, and bring back awareness of the power that you have had all along to address any imbalance that exists therein.

Downloadable PDF Format – the stand alone assessment is in PDF format, complete with instructions.


Unexpected Gifts

One of the most compassionate and healing things you can do for someone is to see them as they truly are. But what does that really mean?

It means accepting others for who they are, rather than holding them accountable to how we’d like them to be. Even if we aren’t aware of these sorts of expectations, they can build up in our inner world, holding onto precious energy, and keeping us “stuck” to old patterns, cycles of behavior, and beliefs about ourselves and others.

Acceptance is powerful. It is one key to self-mastery, and the gateway to wisdom.

So what is it that gets in the way of accepting others? What gets in the way of accepting ourselves?

This assessment is being offered as a way of providing unique, creative, and empowering ways of digging into this rich inner world, and allowing transformational insights to rise to the surface. Doing this work will assist you in breaking up “stuck” energy that is often very difficult to access by traditional means.

When your inner world is using up energy to maintain old stories, it’s harder to interface and connect with those around you in authentic ways in the here and now. It is difficult to be truly present.

Love lives fully in the present moment. Why deprive it of a place to flourish?

This assessment may be beneficial to you if you feel “boxed in” by other people, some of whom may not even be in your life any longer. Or if you find yourself holding onto anger or grief regarding past relationships.

This assessment is unique and powerful, and can yield new benefits each time you complete it. You may be surprised how much comes up very early on with this process. Even if you’ve told yourself the same story for years, this tool provides a creative way of taking a fresh look. With the wisdom, abilities, and knowledge you have now – you are often far more able to reframe and integrate the lessons available to you with these experiences.

This information that can come to the surface here may provide ample opportunities for you to move out of patterns of reactivity, and help you to begin consciously choosing how you want to respond to the people and situations in your life – from a place of power and inner peace.

What Others Have Shared

This is unlike any assessment I’ve taken before because it forces me to get out of my head and into my body and emotional state. I was able to tap into a deeper creativity and self-awareness when Roger took me through the debrief and helped connect my mind and body. For someone who is highly logical and pragmatic, I was profoundly impacted by this experience and have been continuously processing and am much more aware of my actions and reactions.

Corey Welsh

Leadership and Personal Development Coach, Renovating You

Roger’s, ‘The Gift of the Unfixable Family’ is a powerful, fun and gentle way to wake up your awareness, uncover and quickly minimize the large blocks that are keeping you from getting whatever it is you want!

I really enjoy deep inner work and the process of getting to know myself. This often does become ‘work’ and can be difficult and sometimes even painful. The Gift of the Unfixable Family not only brought me to a deeper place inside, it was the most enjoyable play “work” I’ve done in a long time! I didn’t even know I was uncovering personal road blocks until it was right in front of my face – with no effort! I followed the instructions and let my mind have fun with his journey, letting my imagination be free… no rules, no expectations, nothing was right or wrong. And suddenly I was there, facing truths about myself I had known, and yet not seen as clearly or understood as deeply as I did through the journey that I experienced with this exercise. As a coach, I gained amazing awareness and powerful insights just in doing the assessment. But during the time I spent with Roger, my eyes were opened even more! And again, with the gentlest of explorations, I gained far greater understandings and clarity on the boulders that had blocked me. These rocks became pebbles and they are now just pieces on my path instead of being the roadblocks keeping me from what I want in life. Thank you for ‘The Gift of the Unfixable Family’.

Jessica Peshek

The Discovery Coach, CPC, ELI-MP