Taos Mountain Healing Project

With a recent move to the Taos area, I am reconnecting with old energies while also working with emerging awareness. The calling is to assist with shifting and expansion for all beings. My healing work is guided by the themes below. If they speak to you, consider scheduling time for a session.

  • Nature heals. Healing is natural.
  • This is “no nonsense work” – you’ll know it when you *feel it*.
  • The Earth is shifting and changing. You are being called to expand and shift along with it.
  • Earth energy meets star energy when we are grounded in peace.
  • Inner peace creates outer peace. This is ultimately a kind of grid work with roots back to Atlantean times.
  • Everyone gets stuck once in a while. The key is to not linger there.
  • I am here to work this bridge. I can help get you going again.