As healer, conduit, and instrument – you can think of my ability as a kind of sonar.

Whether we work together in person, or remotely, I will sense both the materialized and non-materialized parts of who you are – the whole you. I attune myself to the flow of life energy, which provides information that crosses 3D thresholds.

A typical session may involve times of discussion, along with times of quiet while I work energetically to assist your energy systems in softening, transmuting, and removing dark, dense, and stuck energies.

You are encouraged to sit comfortably – fully awake and aware during an Energy Balancing session. This is heartful, hands-off work.

It’s All You

Your consciousness is a powerful instrument when attuned correctly.

A healer steps into position – empowered, humble, and fully present. A healer helps open channels of communication and energy flow for the client, while also staying out of the way.

You and your soul are the true healers of you. My role is to help bridge any temporary or perceived gaps.

It’s like roadside assistance for your spiritual journey. I help get you unstuck, change a flat, or jump start your battery. Then you’re back on the go.

You do not need me, although I am honored to assist when and where I can.

Roger Oney is a Chicago-based energy worker, artist, and technology professional. His energy balancing practice includes Spring Forest Qigong and Integrative Chakra Therapy®, along with other modalities.

Roger enjoys working with clients locally and remotely to help them materialize greater streams of wellness, abundance, and flow.