If there is no space and time in the place where our souls exist, how can a soul be old? How can a misfit be brilliant, and help change the game for themselves and the world they live in? And what do the two have in common?

Old Souls

One interpretation of Old Soul might hold that an old soul is someone who has been here many, many times before. They have lived many human lives here on earth, and seem to be wiser at an early age than their peers.

In this case, it’s not really that the soul itself is “old” in the way we say that our bodies are old when we are 90.

As I see things, it would seem all (or more than 99%) of us have had many lifetimes. One variable, however, is perhaps where those lifetimes occurred. So perhaps there is something to this notion of someone having been here many times before versus someone who has been elsewhere.

Some Old Souls may indeed display wisdom and kindness and possess many of the other attributes we associate with this archetype. However, there is also a possibility that one who has been here many times is working on something really big, profound, or otherwise particularly perplexing to them.

Put another way, if you think of Earth as a school, then why would some souls come back again and again and again, when others may not? I don’t believe this is to be seen as a negative. But rather, it would seem that some are working on things that are very challenging to them. This isn’t like a course in calculus where everyone gets the same lesson and the same test. Earth school is a completely personalized curriculum, end to end!

That’s one layer of “stuff” going on. Another layer is the karma one generates or dissolves in a given lifetime. It’s one thing to work on the challenge you came here to address, but the real and most beautiful aspect of that challenge is that you evolve more as you learn to pursue it while embracing the principles of compassion and harmlessness. Otherwise, it’s like not paying attention in class and ending up with more homework. The key difference here being that there is no big external authority-figure teacher pointing fingers or judging you. This is all between You and your Higher Self, and Source or whatever you prefer to try to call the ineffable.

This Is Why I Feel Called to Work with Old Souls

We are not ascended perfect beings. We are not all knowing. We are doing big work and benefit greatly from supporting one another. More often than not, the work we are doing benefits the collective in profound ways, although it may not be obvious and we may not even be aware. And it’s not important that we understand.

What *is* important is that we face our karma, don’t put it onto others, and learn to dissolve it without generating more in the process.

Brilliant Misfits

In contrast to Old Souls, my sense is that Brilliant Misfits might feel like they come from another place. Like they may be old, but not from here.

I get that the word “misfit” has a certain negative connotation in our society. One of the hard parts about the work I do is that I feel strongly about the vibration of certain words – and even if a word or symbol has been distorted by culture or other entities, it doesn’t change the word itself. When you strip away the drama, a Misfit is one who does not belong or “fit in”.

I use this language because there are many who feel this way, myself included. Even though we would not always feel free to share these feelings.

The message that needs to get out is that we DO belong. This is how the world moves ahead. There are people born in every age who can see the other side of the bridge. Some of us cross it and start building the new. Some of us stay on this side and tell others about what we see. And then there are those like me who are born to work the bridge. I am here to support both sides. To help people find the bridge. To help people feel safe. And to learn to let go of the negative beliefs and old stories that tie them to the old world.

Misfits can have it rough. Really rough. When you feel like you don’t belong, it’s very easy to fall into negative behaviors, which in turn cause other internal issues that need to be addressed. My work might help these individuals to some degree, but it is not my area of expertise of focus.

A Brilliant Misfit, on the other hand, is someone that has reached a certain level of Acceptance and dealt with the negative behaviors. We accept that we don’t feel like we have a place, and that we have to make a place for ourselves in this world. And my sense is that this IS the work we are here to do. We are here to represent in and to the world that which we are. It is much more a state of Being than an issue of Doing. And yet so many of us don’t know what we should be doing.

This is where I feel called to work. To help you clarify the WHAT and the HOW. You already ARE who you are. And it is perfect. And yet, you may not feel like the world or those around you accept you for who you are. And on top of that, you don’t know what to do with any of it.

There is a way forward. The hard part, in a sense, is that you must create the way. The beautiful part is that you are designed to do this. The ability is innate. And the amazing thing is that once you’ve figured out how to heal old wounds and let go of old programming, the way forward becomes effortless.

What Do Old Souls and Brilliant Misfits Have in Common?

There’s a lot of overlap between these two groups. Indeed, one person may be able to relate to both very strongly. You may feel one way one day, and more like the other the next. The general sensation is the same – “I’ve been on the merry-go-round a whole lotta times… am not so sure I like this ride, and would like to figure a few things out so that once I am done I don’t have to get back on (unless I want to).”

One of the biggest things these two groups have in common is that they are here to do Big Game-Changing Work. And this work will affect the collective one way or another.

As one who works the bridge, I am here to support people as they cross it. This is what makes the work so tricky to describe.

The Old World is back there. The paradigms are what they are. The language is set. The rules are established, etc…

The New World is already here, and in the process of being revealed and strengthened. The numbers “in the know” may be few at this time, relative to the whole population, but that will change rapidly – when the time is right.

The bridge between the two is hard to find and frightening to cross. It’s in our nature to not want to let go. This is why I believe that the Old Souls and Brilliant Misfits will be among the early waves of bridge-crossers. We have inner and outer work to do, and it can be done far more easily in the new world than the old. Deep down, a part of us knows this.

A New Kind of Awareness

Every person that crosses the bridge lights up with a new kind of awareness. This is a beacon for everyone still on the other side. And while it’s not so binary – cross or don’t, light up or don’t – the truth is that with every step forward, there is no going back.

If you would like assistance or support along the way, please know that there are many ready to help. I am among them, and can help direct you to others if my work does not feel like the right fit at this time.