I was riding the Green Line into the city the other day on my way to work. It was early. I think I was still pondering dreams from the night before.

At some point early into the ride, loud music appeared seemingly out of nowhere. An impossibly loud sound was emanating from the phone of a woman across the aisle from where I was sitting. It was not only loud, but also very aggressive and harsh. Way too much for my senses first thing in the morning.

Before I could even figure out what I was going to do about my predicament, I noticed another woman, about an arm’s length down from the music woman. This person was rifling through her purse. I was way too groggy to even start to think about why.

Within a few moments of rifling, purse woman stood up as she pulled out earphones, and leaned over to music woman and said “would you like some earphones?”

Music woman looked up at her and said “yeah, thanks”. She proceeded to put them on, bringing about wave after wave of beautiful silence for the rest of us. As the silence washed over us, the train stopped. The doors opened and purse woman stepped off of the train, having apparently reached her destination.

For a moment, I thought that perhaps she was an angel coming to our rescue. But after waking up a little more, I realized that no, she wasn’t an angel. She was just an awesome human being offering selfless kindness as a solution to a problem she was witnessing.

This was such a brief moment in my day, and could have easily been overlooked. And yet, I don’t want to overlook it. It was inspiring. This woman taught me a lesson in courage and loving kindness, and for that, I am grateful.