The Center for the Exploration of Consciousness was founded by Roger Oney in April of 2018 as way of holding space for wayshowers, explorers, pathfinders, seekers, and travelers of consciousness itself.

Initially operating from a small workshop and classroom space in Oak Park, just outside of Chicago – Roger’s vision is to expand so that events are offered in different locations around Chicago, as well as online.

Roger is an Intuitive Consultant with over five years of experience in helping clients get unstuck, and learn how to better tap into their own inner wisdom and guidance. Visit to learn more about consultations offered in person or over the phone. Together, we’ll take a look at how to shift the patterns at play in your life, and make way for more flow of vital, creative life energy.

Roger’s work is about creative visioning and problem solving.

This creative ability to envision solutions led to a great career in software development for the better part of two decades. More recently, he has turned his focus towards energy work, coaching, and creative endeavors.

In his art, Roger often weaves together some combination of natural elements, human built objects, and mathematically generated fractals. Bringing these elements together allows him to play with how the technical overlays on top of the organic, and just how fractal-like it can all appear at times.

Roger believes that art can play a role in helping us to heal the illusion of separation that many of us have hosted in our minds. By speaking directly to our hearts and our emotions, art helps awaken us to our own inner nature, re-integrate the dis-integrated, and invite a greater sense of Oneness with “outer nature” in the process.

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