Healing & Expression for the Heart of the Empath

This program is for highly sensitive people and those who consider themselves to be empathic.

A healed or healing heart is a tremendous asset. But it takes a lot of self care, strong boundaries, and grounded awareness.

We’ll begin with an assessment of where you’re at in terms of energy, stability, and balance. Are you feeling drained? Overwhelmed? Overstimulated? Ungrounded? Heart-centered work takes a lot of energy, and self-care is critically important.

From there, we’ll develop a game plan, and meet usually once a week or once every other week. Specific homework and practices will be suggested along the way, with opportunities each session to debrief and assess.

This program is one part healing, one part education, and all about your growth and development.

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  • Develop awareness and practices that lead to stronger boundaries.
  • Receive subtle energy work that helps align and restore balance.
  • Discover other strengths and abilities that can be leveraged to assist yourself and others.
  • Become more integrated, grounded and deeply rooted.

Format & Cost

  • In person, by video or phone.
  • Five one hour sessions, held weekly or bi-weekly.
  • Total cost: $468.00
  • 25% off single session price