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Heartfulness Group Meditation for Self & Collective Healing

What Is Heartfulness Meditation? Like any form of meditation, this is a way of shifting awareness, and bringing calm and quiet to the mind. With Heartfulness Meditation in particular, this is accomplished by bringing greater awareness to your heart-center....

Healing Energy Work

One-to-one session held in person or by phone / video. While seated and without touch, I’ll assess and follow your body’s lead to allow energy to flow to areas that are out of balance. Whether depleted or in excess, for example, the goal is to restore balance and proper flow of energy through your energy channels to tap into your body’s natural healing wisdom.

Build Your Own Healing Package

Build Your Own Healing Package This offering provides a way for us to collaborate on a customized plan comprised of one or more modalities, including Qigong Energy Work, intuitive services, coaching, education, and / or chakra balancing. My role is to...

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Atlantean Source Codes

Cards to help stir intuition and insight. Coming soon!

Grief Recovery

A healed or healing heart is a tremendous asset. But it takes a lot of self care, strong boundaries, and grounded awareness.

Group Work

Check out the Center for the Exploration of Consciousness to see upcoming events.

“Trust your heart if the seas catch fire, live by love though the stars walk backward.”

E.E. Cummings