Grief Recovery Method®

Moving Beyond Death, Divorce, and Other Losses Including Health, Career, and Faith

Hi, I’m Roger. The Grief Recovery Method helped me to become more present for those I love. This is one of many reasons why I am passionate about offering this work to others.

One-On-One Program

The one-on-one program involves us meeting together to discuss and work through the actions steps of the Grief Recovery Method. Appointments are typically scheduled for an hour, and typically take place once a week for 7 weeks.

Please note that this work is separate from any other services I offer. When doing Grief Recovery work, we “stick to the script” because it works! It’s also the safest and right way to ensure integrity with the process from start to finish.

What is Grief?

Grief is the normal and natural reaction to significant emotional loss of any kind.

Grief is the conflicting feelings caused by the end of, or change in, a familiar pattern of behavior.

Grief is the feeling of reaching out for someone who has always been there, only to find when you need them again, they are no longer there.

A Little About Me

I took the Grief Recovery Specialist® training in 2015 thinking that I would mostly “just” be processing a significant and recent loss. What I experienced and learned, however, was eye opening, heart warming, and life changing.

It became clear was that I was far from alone in not knowing how to process these sorts of events. The information and techniques provided helped me see things in a new light, and more importantly – helped me actually move through emotions that I had come to assume I would just have to live with forever. Not so!

This is why I am so passionate about continuing to do this work with others. It may not always be easy or “fun”, but it matters. And it frees us up so that we can be more present and alive in our communities, jobs, and relationships.

If you’d like to discuss the program or learn more about getting started, click the button below to go to a page where you can schedule a free, zero pressure “learn more” call.

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