Energy Balancing Studio

Up to Now

I opened the Energy Balancing Studio in 2013. Through this practice, I offered energy work in person and remotely. It has been an incredible experience. I have learned so much through this work, and have greatly enjoyed meeting and working with amazing clients along the way.

The past year has brought me to a place of great inner searching, as well as much expansion. As I broaden my understanding of how the inner and outer worlds work, I am in equal measure learning how to focus my energies and efforts.

As I follow this path, I am in the process of focusing less of my time on promoting and doing hands on energy work, and focusing more on my coaching work.

For Past and Current Clients of the Energy Balancing Studio

I am still available for in person and remote energy work sessions for past and current clients. Contact me for more info.

Moving Forward

Coaching is a form of energy work.

It involves so many of the same talents and goals – listening on many levels, tapping into intuition, and teaching about balance and flow.

One difference that I love with coaching work is that it takes place over a set number of sessions. Rather than one off sessions, with coaching work – we dig in and work iteratively on the challenges. This allows us to see and track results and use the evidence of those results as fuel for greater change.

If there’s a challenge you’re working through or a goal you’d like to reach – I encourage you to take a look around the site, or reach out for a conversation about how coaching my help.