Why Are You Here?

I mean, literally, why are you here – on the planet, at this time? Why are you alive at all? Do you ever ask yourself this question? Are you curious?

Notice that the answer to this question isn’t as important in itself as is the effect that the answer has on your life experiences. In other words, how you answer or even approach this question gets to the heart of your belief system, and that is what shapes your experiences more than anything else.

Just think for a moment about the people that you know… think about someone that experiences life very differently from how you experience it. Perhaps you are very optimistic and they are not. Or perhaps you feel hopeless and directionless, and they act as if they are on a mission. How much is the underlying belief system creating experiences in each of your lives that manifests in these different outlooks?

Can Belief Systems Change?

Of course they can. But the question is a great one to ask yourself. Because a part of you may not believe this. That part of you most likely does not want to change its belief system, so a great starting point for it is to believe these things cannot and should not change for a person. It may even create negative stories about people who do go through these sorts of shifts in life. After all, who would want to be “like that” sort of person!

And besides, let’s face it, experiencing a shift in a belief system can be incredibly disruptive in life, and sometimes outright uncomfortable.

Bumpy Road

Imagine, for example, waking up one day and simply having a deep inner knowing that certain major world events that have played out in your life time are not what they seem. Majors cracks in your old belief system appear and no amount of energy or work can pull it all back together again for very long. People that have these experiences then begin to question other events and experience. They begin to reexamine things from new perspectives, and asking deeper questions. It can be a very exciting but also vertigo inducing journey. And each step of the way, seeing “eye to eye” with others can be a daunting task, depending on the day of the week, and of course the other’s perspective.

Being Open, Curious, and Connected

This is why I feel it is best to assume as little as possible about what others believe, regardless of what they say, what they do for a living, how they dress, or who they say they are voting for. Deep down inside, my sense is that there is a growing hunger for truth that unites us all far more than it divides us. It may take all sorts of shapes and forms as it evolves, and we may all use different language to express it.

And that’s actually a wonderful and beautiful thing. 

Consider being very open to see how this shows up for others. Be connected to what they are doing. Be curious!

How this “growing hunger for truth” shows up for me is in me wanting to know more about who I really am, and what I am truly capable of. And of course, this makes me equally curious about who others are as well. This is what has “lit my fire” in recent years. This is what energizes and fuels me. And as a result of this quest, I am discovering and experiencing some very amazing things along the way.

I accept and appreciate that my belief about who we are may not be the same as yours, and that’s awesome – because one of my beliefs is that we’re all here to create! So I am always deeply interested and curious as to what others are creating, and why. And from that point of view, no one creation is better than another. The Source of the creation is there, and rippling with potential.

Curiosity can create these wondrous cracks in any old belief system. Curiosity can be the first step in a wondrous journey.

So know that it’s never too late to go back to old limiting ways of thinking, to ask for answers, and to open yourself up to receiving new ways of seeing life.