A Crystal Grid Reading is a fun, light-hearted way to receive healing insights about your energetic alignment.

With each reading, I construct a custom crystal grid like the one pictured. Quartz crystals are placed on a layout of the Waveform Symbol Cards by Samuel Welsh.

These hard-to-find cards feature a set of energetic symbols that access the healing frequencies found in the “Cave of Symbols” (also known as the “Cave of the Ancients”).

The cards are cleansed and pulled with your reading in mind. I find that the central card quite often parallels a core challenge or opportunity for you.

Working with the grid, I tune into the energetic signature of your frequency. From there, I do integrative chakra balancing work, and listen for the information that comes to the surface.

I then record an assessment and send you an email with a link to download the recording, along with any other relevant information.

Use Contact page to send any questions you might have.


  • Distance healing & energetic assessment.
  • Will follow up after purchase for next steps.
  • Just need a few questions from you to tune in.
  • Receive image of the grid and cards for your own future healing work.