Build Your Own Healing Package

This offering provides a way for us to collaborate on a customized plan comprised of one or more modalities, including Reiki and related energy work, intuitive work, coaching, education, and / or chakra balancing.

All work is offered for your healing, growth, and spiritual evolution.

Whether you’d like to get started right away or just learn more, click the button below to schedule a free 30 minute call.


  • Develop awareness and practices that lead to stronger boundaries.
  • Receive subtle energy work that helps align and restore balance.
  • Discover other strengths and abilities that can be leveraged to assist yourself and others.
  • Become more integrated, grounded and deeply rooted.

Format & Cost

  • In person, by video or phone.
  • One hour sessions, held weekly or bi-weekly.
  • 3 Session Package: $300 / 20% off single session price
  • 5 Session Package: $468 / 25% off single session price
  • 7 Session Package: $612 / 30% off single session price