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Learn More About Intermittent Fasting

The practice of fasting goes back beyond recorded history, often associated with spiritual practices. Beyond that, it has gained some degree of popularity in recent years in fitness circles due to its ability to melt fat away, build muscle, and reshape the body. It’s also popping up more and more in modern medical and scientific literature as a means of staving off degenerative diseases and extending longevity.

How to Play the Fasting Game

How to play Fasting Game – ideas and recommendations for getting started with the lifestyle-changing game of establishing new habits around eating and fasting.

The Gift of Unfixable Family

The Gift of Unfixable Family ™ is a unique assessment tool designed and developed by Roger Oney to facilitate discovery of old disempowering stories and structures hidden in our un/subconscious worlds, along with a fun and creative way to bring balance and healing to those stories.

Game-Changing Goals

Who Said We’re Not Meant to Fly? Game-changing happens all of the time in life - it's just not always the case that we're aware of it going on, or even after the fact in some cases. We change games when the rules of the game are holding us back, when we're...