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If you agree with the statements below, we’re off to a great start!


I Am Committed to a Big, Game-changing Goal

Game-changing goals change your life or the life of others. Could be that you want to lose a lot of weight, become financially independent, realize a life long dream, or create a new venture or business that will change the way things are done. These are all game-changers in my book.

I Am Willing to Get out of My Comfort Zone

This work will likely challenge long held beliefs and encourage you to do some things differently. It’s important going in to know that part of the process is definitely to look for opportunities to get out of the good ol’ comfort zone!

I Am Open to Exploring Mindfulness or Spiritual Practices

Call them what you like… there’s a lot of power and potential in identifying, developing, and adopting new practices and habits. Whether it be journaling, prayer, meditation, affirmations or something altogether different – the key is to find the practices that resonate with and work for you. And then to actually do them consistently while recording the evidence of success.

I Want to Make More Conscious Decisions about My Life and Future

How much of your life has gone by while you were on auto pilot? Much of life seems to happen by default, as we make decisions (or don’t decide) based on old ideas and unconscious paradigms. Working with me, you’ll begin to see an abundance of opportunities in your everyday life to make more conscious decisions… to begin to live your life On Purpose and By Design!

I Am Willing to Be Completely Honest with Myself

To get the most out of your coaching work, it’s best to be willing to be honest with yourself. This isn’t about beating up on yourself! Heck, in many cases, the hardest thing for some people to be honest about is what they truly WANT in life! The key here is to be willing to give it a go so we can dig deep and get to the bottom of things. Trust that as your coach, I work with the same rules of confidentiality that a healthcare provider would… only in some ways, our work is more private because I don’t have to enter you information into any databases!