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What is the Fasting Game?

The Fasting Game is a series of posts that begins with a simple idea – what happens when you look at the cycles of eating and fasting as a kind of game?

The Game

Rather than the shame and fear that shows up for so many when it comes to food, what happens when you engage with the process in a more playful way? How much more energy might you have to stick with it? How much easier would be to move on from a setback, instead of giving up?

The Rules

What are the unwritten rules that govern when and what you eat? How often have we heard things like “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”? Says who? Unless of course, you consider the literal meaning – breaking one’s fast. Why do we think that should occur soon after waking?

When you consider all of the accumulated, spoken and unspoken rules you try to live by, can you write them down? And if you do, how much sense do they make?

The Goals

Games have objectives and goals. What are your *current* goals with regards to what and when you eat? Weight loss, comfort, longevity? Different goals call for different skills and tactics!

The Players

Who are the players in this game with you? What roles do they play? Coworkers, friends, family – all can have varying impacts on how and when you eat. When you consider your objectives, are they helping or hindering you? What can you do to shift the balance?


What Inspired the Fasting Game?

While I have endless curiosity and love to learn new things, at the end of the day, I am all about results. This site gives me a concrete and practical way to help others achieve lasting results, while also giving me a place to explore the topics I am most passionate about, including: intermittent fasting, human potential, sustainability, and the whole health / diet / nutrition / fitness space.

While there is obviously a flood of information out there on all of these topics, I am specifically interested in light-hearted approaches to shifting the old paradigms, and making way for the new.


What It Isn’t

Not Medical Advice – the Fasting Game has been created by Roger Oney. While Roger does have expertise in what it takes to reach big game-changing goals in life, he is not an expert in medicine or nutrition.

The content in the Fasting Game series is not an alternative to or substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment.

Not focused on all the various kinds and ways of fasting – My take is that fasting is fundamentally simple, and natural. I’ll share links to other resources, tips and tricks, and motivational information, but this site is not intended to be a source of information about all of the various ways and kinds of fasting.

Not a guide on what or how much to eat – I am not here to tell you what you should and shouldn’t eat.