Consulting & Coaching

Change happens. The key to success is learning to navigate change with clarity and purpose. 

Consulting & Coaching

Services to assist technology professionals & small business owners navigate change. See LinkedIn profile.

Atlantean Source Codes

A creative / spiritual project that includes a set of 44 uniquely designed cards. Readings posted daily. Visit the site.

Book a Consultation

If you’re not sure where to start, or would simply like to learn more, book a free, zero-pressure “Learn More” call. Book now.

Etsy Shop

Checked out the Etsy shop to see products with ASC-inspired designs. Visit shop.

Exploring Consciousness

Center for the Exploration of Consciousness is a community & service driven space in Oak Park, Illinois. Visit the Events Calendar to see what’s coming up.

Guided Meditations

Check out the CEC YouTube channel for a few different guided meditations to assist with cultivating greater heartfulness.